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Front view of the Capitol

Van Duyne on Fox & Friends: Impeachment will only further divide our country

January 14, 2021

WASHINGTON, DC – Yesterday morning, Rep. Beth Van Duyne (TX-24) joined Fox and Friends on Fox News Channel ahead of today’s vote on impeachment. During the interview, Van Duyne argued that impeachment is doing nothing to empower working families and everything to further divide our country in a time when America is looking to its leaders for unity.

an Duyne on Fox & Friends: Impeachment will only further divide our country

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On yesterday’s vote on impeachment: 

“I happen to think that right now impeachment is a complete waste of time. I think about all the hours, millions of dollars that we wasted the last four years on impeaching the president. And next week, we are going to be entering a new phase with a totally new administration and a brand-new president.”

“In North Texas, we have small businesses that are going out of business. We’ve got restaurants closing that have been open for decades. We’ve got the aviation industry that is floundering. We’ve got families who are not able to put food on their table or pay for their insurance, and we are going to continue talking about impeachment for a president who is going to be gone in 7 days.”

“This is doing nothing to empower families. It is doing everything to further divide the country, and to further divide this Congress.”

On last week’s attack:

“We are in a horrific time in our country’s history right now. I was at the Capitol last week. It was my third day on the job. I was there watching those events unfold on Fox just like millions of people across the country. They were horrific.”

“Right now, leaders of this country need to band together. They need to defend our democracy. They need to defend our country. And we need to speak as one.”