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Van Duyne Opposes Democrats’ $1.9 Trillion Partisan Wish List

February 26, 2021

WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. Beth Van Duyne (TX-24) today released the following statement on the Democrats’ partisan American Rescue Plan.

“People across the country are struggling, working families are desperate, small businesses are shuttering – and yet the legislation we’re voting on today is nothing more than a partisan wish list,” said Van Duyne. “Relief for the American people should be accomplished in a bipartisan manner through temporary, targeted legislation, not legislation that only offers 9% of funds towards public health.” 

“While Democrats continue to play politics, I’m ready to safely reopen both schools and the economy,” she continued. “It is unacceptable that 95% of the funds allocated towards schools in this bill will not see a classroom until 2022 and beyond, and that $1 trillion of funds from previous relief bills still remain unspent. I will not support legislation that clearly prioritizes Democrats’ wishes over the American people who need it most.”