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Van Duyne Statement on Democrats Pursuing Articles of Impeachment

January 11, 2021

WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. Beth Van Duyne (TX-24) released the following statement on House Democrats’ plans to pursue articles of impeachment and a resolution calling on the Vice President to invoke the 25th amendment.

“The violent mobs and anarchists who breached the Capitol building last week didn’t just attack a building – they launched an assault on our Republic. As I said last Wednesday, just as I condemned the thugs and criminals who wreaked havoc on our cities during last summer’s riots, I fully condemn those who attacked the Capitol and look forward to swift justice for all who orchestrated and participated in these acts.

“Impeaching a sitting president is supposed to be a serious and deliberative process. The last impeachment, based on lies and done for purely political purposes, was neither and this week’s effort is even less so. Dragging our country through yet another impeachment will only further divide us and neglect real issues the American people are confronting on a daily basis.

“The American people deserve leaders who are focused on spurring job creation, dealing with our ongoing pandemic, and expanding opportunities for people to take care of their families. Not a single new job will be created by Congress this week. Nothing will be done to help patients, hospitals, or small businesses struggling in the midst of COVID-19. And students will be no closer to returning to classrooms or being empowered with options to help them get the education they are so desperately lacking.

“The list of challenges Congress should be addressing is long and important, and none of them are being discussed because political theater once again takes precedence in the House of Representatives. The American people need us to be better than this. They need us to rise above the heat of the moment to help lift them up, focus on their challenges, and deliver real solutions for them, their children, and our country. Impeaching the President of the United States will not bring us any closer to that goal.

“In just nine days, Joe Biden will be sworn in as our next President. As the Representative for the 24th District of Texas, I will reach out to his administration to accomplish what I came to Washington to do: produce real results for the people of North Texas. I sincerely hope others will focus on doing the same.”